Monday, October 4, 2010

Punjab Sweets @ Kent

My only complaint about this fabulous North Indian vegetarian restaurant is that it is too far away from where I live. Seriously! I love, love, love the homemade punjabi fair at Punjab Sweets. Authentic Parathas, Chaat, Malai Kofta and many more! And the huge array of sweets and snacks! Oh yum!

I have been to PS a few times, but never got a chance to review it. Guess what? A won a free lunch at PS :) and we were going to be in the area anyway, so stopped by for lunch last weekend. The quality of food hasn't changed a bit. The same authentic and flavorful punjabi food at its best.

One thing that's new - each table has a small bowl of nibbles, something for you to munch on while waiting for the food. This is something new and thoughful of them!

We ordered a Thali - rice, roti, malai kofta, kahi pakora, mutter paneer, raita and gulab jamun.

Everything was as delicious as ever. I can never stop raving about their Malai Kofta. It IS a must-eat.The only restaurant that makes it so well! So creamy and yet so light! To be honest, I don't think I have had such good Malai Kofta even in India!
And then the Paneer Paratha.It was huge and came with pickled radish and yogurt. Fantastic. Though, I love their Aloo Paratha more.

We finished with a Mango Kalakand. This was one amazing sweet with flavors of real mango. It was too small a piece and was over even before I could click a pic!

If you have never been to PS, it is definitely worth the long trek.They are expanding these days and I heard they have even introduced the South Indian Dosas in the menu. Quite frankly, I would never order Dosas at PS. C'mon! It is like ordering Samosa at an Italian restaurant (if they even make Samosas)! They are good at North Indian food and I totally agree and love them for it. I don't think they should be introducing Dosas, though.

Preet's is comparatively closer and we go there often. PS, it will be great if you can open another branch on the Eastside!

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