Thursday, June 28, 2012

Island Tacos @ Waimea

With three tables, four stools at the counter and three picnic tables out-front, this little shack in Waimea serves up Mexican food with an Island twist. More famous for their seafood tacos, this place is a treat for the vegetarians too! One can substitute tofu in any of the items on the menu and it is open on Sundays!! Yes, this was the only shack that was up and running on a Sunday in the sleepy town of Waimea. After a trip to the Canyons we had no choice but to eat here and it was a treat!

We got their Tofu Tacos that came filled with seasoned rice, shredded cabbage, cheese, salsa and a cilantro lime sauce. The taco shell was crisp and tasted more like a Chappati than a tortilla. There were two tacos in a plate and they were not very huge. The filling was a little bland, so we paid for some wasabi aioli sauce on the side. It was much better with the kick of wasabi.

It can take a while for the food to make an appearance as they are always packed. Try some of their Cinnamon chips while you wait. The waitress was friendly. Each taco plate could range from $10-$15 which is a standard for most restaurants in Kauai. If you like Island flavors, you should try this place for their unpretentious tacos!

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