Friday, February 11, 2011

Satay @ Seattle

This restaurant is run by some expats and is popular for Malaysian street food. It has rave reviews on Yelp and Seattle Met listed it as one of the best Asian restaurants in the area. So, naturally, I had to check it out.

We got there at noon for lunch. There are just about eight to ten tables. The menu is on the wall, a small one (the menu, not the wall), nothing exotic. You first choose what you want, pay for it and hand over the receipt to the Chef at the open kitchen. When your number is called out, you go collect your lunch. And, you dispose the leftovers and the plates in the bins, yourself. Pretty much a self service eatery.

Menu @ Satay

We ordered a Roti Canai, Curry Puff and a Tofu satay. We got our waters and hot sauce that they call as Sambal and found a table to sit at. Our number was called out and A swaggered back with the Roti Canai and the Curry Puff. While we were at it, the Chef himself brought the Satay to our table. The Vegetarian food is good, but nothing exceptional. I am not sure how it stands out from the other Malaysian restaurants. (Roti Canai is a type of Malaysian Flatbread, very similar to the parotta you get in South India).The Roti Canai was exactly the same as you get anywhere else. Nothing to write home about.
Roti Canai @ Satay
Curry Puff  - a small pie stuffed with potato-onion curry - is one thing I have not had anywhere outside India. It tasted awesome, more like a Samosa and was priced atrociously at $2.95! The food is a little overpriced, I must say.
Curry Puff @ Satay
The Tofu Satay plate came with three skewers of tofu, rice and a lemony cole slaw salad. There was peanut sauce as well. Again, nothing exemplary that made me gape, other than the check, that is.

Tofu Satay @ Satay
The other Vegetarian entrees that they have are Mee Goreng and Green Curry. Will I go back again? No, not unless they introduce more veggie options. Is it worth going once? Hmmmm...only if you are desperate to shell $20 bucks and yet remain hungry. Else, you could go Malay Satay Hut. And, how was it listed as one of the best Asian restaurants? I have no clue. May be it is great for meat eaters. Or, whoever wrote that was tanked. As for me, I am not a fan :(

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