Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Olive You @ Kirkland

So, after reading all the not so great reviews of this restaurant, we had no choice but to dine atleast once, to use up the Groupon we had so enthusiastically purchased when the menu was different and so were the owners. Having read that its not a very kid friendly restaurant  made us even more anxious. It was the first time we were setting out with a four month old infant to a fine dining establishment. Thank heavens, the food, service and the experience was outstanding!

We got there at 6:45 pm on Friday. There were just two other couples dining and we were escorted to a nice big table right away. The blue walls and ceiling, white furniture, dimly lit interiors all make for a nice date night. They even have the patio open in summer, overlooking the lake.

With only a few vegetarian options, we knew what we wanted. The appetizer was a mushroom dish. I don't remember the name and it is not available on their website. Something like mushrooms sauteed in a creamy sauce. Delicioso!

We then ordered a Falafel Platter - House-made falafel served with jasmine rice, hummus, tzatziki, dolma, kalamata, pepperoncini and grilled pita.

Falafel Platter @ Olive You
One bite and we were in mediterranean heaven. Falafel was crispy outside and moist inside, dolma a little sour (like it is meant to be), rice was so flavorful, pita was slightly burnt like the Indian tandoori naan. Everything was so perfect.
We then called for the Spanakopita - Layers of flaky filo pastry baked around spinach, caramelized onions and sheep’s milk herbed feta cheese baked to golden hue.

Spanakopita @ Olive You
The Spanakopita was so different from the ones I have had. The phyllo pastry was a tad thicker than the traditional ones, but very flaky. It came with some veggies and rice on the side.
It was quite a nice dinner. The waitress was attentive and food came without any delay. It is also a tad expensive for the portion. In other restaurants the platters usually come with a soup and salad. Here there is no such concept, though you pay the same. Will go back if the menu changes :)

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