Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Masala Bar and Grill @ Bothell

One word - Yumville! This is a restaurant that puts hospitality and great food at the top of the menu. If you live in or around Bothell and love quality North Indian food, you probably have heard of  Masala Bar and Grill, yes? Or  like me, having paid a ton at average Indian restaurants and not having got the money's worth, you may veer off  from restaurants in obscure locations with mostly empty parking lots, what? Well, what can I say, most often, the hideous looking restaurants offer some of the most fulfilling meals of all times. On Sunday, we set aside all doubts and took my parents who are visiting, to this place for dinner. Boy, was it good! It is not sought after by many and stands in a not very happening place, but don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

When we got there at 8 pm, ours was the only car and for a few minutes we were hesitant to get off, contemplating reversing and heading off to Clay Pit in Mill Creek Town Center. But we went in, anyway and am so glad we did! Once inside, one feels like they are transported to a fine dining restaurant replete with table linens, dim amber lighting and prominent Indian decor. The huge bar area with big screens is a popular destination for watching Superbowl and other games. Occasionally on Friday nights they have Live Persian music, Karoke and what have you!

Coming to the food... We were first served papad with sweet and green chutney.

Papad @ Masala Bar and Grill
We called for a plate of Vegetable Pakora. It arrived at lightning speed, fresh and hot.

For the main course, we ordered Malai Kofta - Freshly made deep fried vegetable balls served in a creamy tomato sauce. It came in a Kadai with a flame at the bottom that kept it warm till we scraped off the last spoon of the creamy, buttery goodness. It was fresh, flavorful, creamy and absolutely delicious. My parents who are usually picky, loved it.
Malai Kofta @ Masala Bar and Grill
The next entree was Paneer Masala - Paneer cooked in tomatoes, Indian spices and onion gravy. This was fantastic as well. The paneer was fresh. The gravy was creamy, with oil floating on top (which my hubby loves to see). They don't use food colors like some restaurants.

Paneer Masala @ Masala Bar and Grill
We ordered Rotis and Garlic Naan to eat with. The entrees themselves came with Basmati rice.

It was a delectable dinner. Service was also very good. Even though we were the only people on a Sunday night, they were attentive in catering to our needs, instead of just leaving us alone in a corner. I am not sure why many people don't like this restaurant. May be they have improved over time. The buffet for $7.99 is not great for Vegetarians. They usually have four non veg and two veg entrees. But I highly recommend this place for dinner. Try it on Friday nights. Live Music will make it even better!

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