Sunday, March 25, 2012

Settebello @ Salt Lake City

Pizza Napoletana at it's best! A restaurant that imports the flour, cheese and tomatoes straight from Italy. The dough is worked with hands and is cooked directly on a bell shaped oven. The place was buzzing with people even at 9:30 pm!

We stopped by for a quick bite just out of curiosity. The waiter offered to make a vegetarian version of any Pizza on the menu. I have been to other Neopolitan Pizzerias where they refuse to customize. So, yes, this joint became my instant favorite.

We asked for the Pizza Carbonara - Crushed Tomatoes, Egg, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Onions. The waiter suggested substituting Pancetta with onions. Boy, was it perfect when it arrived!  Fresh, hot and insanely flavorful. It is amazing how the tiny sprig of basil can impart a mind blowing aroma! The crust was so thin that even when I picked it up carefully with two hands, the mozzarella slid down along with the crushed tomatoes and the egg. Such yummy goodness!

Pizza Carbonara @ Settebello
Fast service, fresh Pizza made from scratch upon order, vegetarian friendly and reasonable rates (a pie costs less than $15) will want to make one visit this restaurant again and again and again. Wish I could try a few more of those delectable pies!

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Red Iguana @ Salt Lake City

A recent short trip to SLC had me scouting yelp for the best that the city has to offer. Red Iguana with 400+ 4.5 star rating was all I needed to close my eyes and head straight for lunch from the airport. We got there at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday and were lucky to be promptly seated. I have heard that this place could be insanely crowded. From outside it looked a little hideous and we had doubts about the food. But upon entering, it had the mexico-ish feel.

Chips and a spicy salsa was promptly served by a Spanish speaking waiter.

Chips n salsa
A ordered a glass of Sangria.

We skipped the appetizers altogether and headed straight to their specials and traditional mexican dishes. They have seven different types of Mole (pronounced moh-lay) on their menu and they can make a vegetarian version of which ever you pick. Mole is a sauce made of dried and fresh chiles, nut, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Confused about which to order we asked if we could perhaps sample the mole sauces and the waitress readily obliged and brought over a sampler plate!

Mole sauces sampler

We chose Mole Amarillo - Golden raisins, yellow tomatoes, yellow zucchini, chile guajillo and dried seasonal yellow chiles - tossed with veggies! All the moles come with Spanish rice, refried beans and tortillas.

Mole Amarillo
Chilli Relleno - Two anaheim peppers stuffed with jack cheese, fried in egg batter and topped with salsa - was called for, hoping it to be like the ones I had here, but it was no where close to that. Just a gooey, soggy, cheesy mess that most restaurants offer. Meh!

Chilli Relleno
We were stuffed to the brim, but had to try the marvel of Mexico, the Enmoladas! This was my favorite. Three corn tortillas folded into triangles, filled with refried beans, topped with mole negro, sprinkled with a blend of queso fresco and cotija, then topped with pickled red onions! Chocolaty goodness. Have never had this anywhere before. I highly recommend this dish if you had to pick only one :)

And so, our lunch came to an end. Fast service, friendly people and a kid friendly restaurant. They gave my lil one a plastic straw cup filled with water and that kept her entertained while we had a peaceful lunch! If you are in SLC, you mush visit this restaurant. They offer to make anything vegetarian! That's what I most liked about this place. MUST TRY!

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