Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mission @ West Seattle

My birthday and a craving for something I haven't had in a while found us at this Latin restaurant on a beautiful Thursday evening. Mission is a dark and dimly lit lounge cum restaurant, where the decor is very earthy and stylish and the attitude is quite casual. Stone walls, candle lights, date night, anyone? Grab a table and seat yourself, yo!

Mission, West Seattle
Either on the first floor or on the second level balcony which overlooks the bar on the floor below.

The bar @ Mission
Unlike most restaurants where the waitress introduces herself with a big basket of bottomless chips and spicy salsa, here, you order chips. They have a really huge menu with interesting appetizers and entrees, with good vegetarian options.

We started with Stuffed Jalapenos - Pan fried Jalapenos stuffed with cheese and mexican chocolate. There were a measly four pieces for $6. It was very different from anything I have had. The Jalapenos were spicy, obviously, and the cheese and chocolate gave it a sweetish taste. If you have a low tolerence for spice, I would say stay off from this one. But if you are a spice lover like me, you will relish it. It was fantastic!

Stuffed Jalapenos
We then got the Sweet Pappas – Sweet potatoes and roasted peppers, topped with cotija cheese. It tasted a lot like, well, sweet potatoes. Nothing glorious. Just some finely chopped sweet potatoes and some scanty peppers tossed in oil and topped with cotija cheese. It actually helped balance the heat from the stuffed Jalapenos.

Sweet Pappas

Sometime back I reviewed the best Chile Relleno I have had here. I also mentioned that no place in Seattle makes such good ones. I now take it back, because at Mission, we had the exact same plate of Rellenos. I was totally zapped when the waitress brought over the plate. It was plated and tasted just like the one we had at Palm Beach.
Chile Relleno РTwo roasted anaheim peppers stuffed with three cheese mix, pablano potatoes, roasted corn, and toasted hazelnuts. Battered, flash fried, and served with red rice, black beans chili roja sauce, and garnished with cr̬me fresca.

Chili Releno
So, yes. Just for their Rellenos, I wouldn't mind the long trek to West Seattle.
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