Sunday, March 25, 2012

Settebello @ Salt Lake City

Pizza Napoletana at it's best! A restaurant that imports the flour, cheese and tomatoes straight from Italy. The dough is worked with hands and is cooked directly on a bell shaped oven. The place was buzzing with people even at 9:30 pm!

We stopped by for a quick bite just out of curiosity. The waiter offered to make a vegetarian version of any Pizza on the menu. I have been to other Neopolitan Pizzerias where they refuse to customize. So, yes, this joint became my instant favorite.

We asked for the Pizza Carbonara - Crushed Tomatoes, Egg, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Onions. The waiter suggested substituting Pancetta with onions. Boy, was it perfect when it arrived!  Fresh, hot and insanely flavorful. It is amazing how the tiny sprig of basil can impart a mind blowing aroma! The crust was so thin that even when I picked it up carefully with two hands, the mozzarella slid down along with the crushed tomatoes and the egg. Such yummy goodness!

Pizza Carbonara @ Settebello
Fast service, fresh Pizza made from scratch upon order, vegetarian friendly and reasonable rates (a pie costs less than $15) will want to make one visit this restaurant again and again and again. Wish I could try a few more of those delectable pies!

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