Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Root Table @ Ballard

It was 5th wedding anniversary on the 27th. We didn't want to do the usual Italian romantic dinner. We were in the mood for an Asian Fusion cuisine. And a small, cozy and intimate restaurant is what we had in mind. Root Table in Ballard seemed to meet our requirements.

The decor of this restaurant is so different from anything I have seen. So earthy. The tables and chairs live up to their name, intricately carved from natural wood and imported from Thailand. Even the menu is made of wood!

They have quite a few Vegetarian Entrees and Tapas as well. We got the Curry Corn Fritters - Mild curry, sweet corn fritters. Served with a chili peanut sauce,

and the Sweet Pumpkin Tempura with soy sauce. It was fried to perfection. So crispy on the outside and the soft on the inside.

Both were absolutely delicious. Especially the Corn Fritters. It had curry leaves in it, which is actually an Indian herb, that's used to add flavor to the dish. For main course, we ordered the Menage-a-Thai - Three different curries with tofu, served with roti and jasmine rice.

The three Thai curries were the red, green and yellow curry; each with its own distinct flavor. The Roti is again an Indian fusion. It'll be nice if they could give us a choice of white or brown rice. The curries and the tofu were fantastic. We also ordered the special of the day, Firey Asparagus - A stir-fry of Asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper, carrot and fried tofu, in a light soy sauce, served with rice. It was marked as very spicy, but was not even a bit spicy. It was delicious, anyway.

Root Table is one of those restaurants where the food is very innovative, the decor is striking and the service is good. The kitchen is open, but it was not smokey and there was no trace of the smell of food being prepared. The price is very reasonable as well. Plus, they have Happy Hour. Seattle lacks Asian Fusion restaurants and I think Root Table attempts to fill the gap!

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