Friday, June 4, 2010

Sumo sushi Bar & Grill @ Miami

We stoppped by this place for a quick lunch on our way to SoBe. I am not sure they can differentiate veg from non veg. They are the wisenheimer types that think no meat equals veg. Doesn't matter if there is fish sauce or oyster sauce. As long as there is no meat, the food is veg. Sigh. Never again.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall in the Sunny Isles Beach area. They have some happy hour specials too.

We wanted to play safe, so just ordered the Tofu with garlic sauce and Tofu Schezuan Style as a lunch combo. Lunch combo comes with rice and soup. And, we told the waitress to make sure there is NO fish or oyster sauce. "No fish sauce, no oyster sauce, no meat....", repeated the amused waitress and shot back in.

We waited for sometime. There was no sign of soup. Er...didn't we order a lunch combo? A signaled to her and said, "Don't we get a soup in our lunch combo?". Uh..umm....let me check if it is vegetarian, she said. She came back with two steaming bowls of Egg-drop soup! Excuse me? Since when is Egg-drop soup vegetarian? Shouldn't she check with us before bringing it? Luckily, we are OK with eggs. But this one had a strong eggy meaty smell and I could not even bring it near me. I was forced to send it back. The waitress was pissed, for sure. Well, too bad. She stomped back with the soup. A stiffled a laugh and said she was likely going to throw us out, and continued to sip the soup.

Then our food arrived. Both looked the same, but tasted slightly different. By then I had developed a distaste for anything that came out of their kitchen and could just eat a couple of bites. Tofu in Garlic Sauce-

A seemed to like his Tofu Schezuan Style though-

Though this restaurant has Chinese, Thai and Japanese food all under one roof, somehow, this is not for me. I will always have doubts on what actually is on my plate. So, no, not again.

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