Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Maltby Cafe @ Bothell

Ever had those days when you wake up late on a Sunday morning, and it happens to be a special day for you (like your wedding anniversary) and you are too lazy to cook and you begin the day with a nice hearty breakfast? Such was my day.

We went to Maltby Cafe at about 11 am for brunch. This ancient traditional cozy little faimily owned breakfast place, so close to home is a real blessing on lazy days. There was a big line waiting to be seated, but as we were just the two of us, we got a table in less than 5 minutes. Usually people come in big groups and have to wait for an hour or so.

The cool thing about Maltby Cafe is it offers egg substitute ( for $1.50 more) instead of real eggs in some of its dishes. We got the Zorba Omlette - Roasted red and yellow peppers, sun dried tomatoes, onions, black olives, fresh spinach and Feta cheese. It came with Country Fried Red Potatoes and Maltby Toast.

We asked for an order of Thick Sliced Maltby Bread - Toasted, served with delicious freezer jam. We are both fans of buttered toast and homemade jam and this was fingerlickin' good!

And the cafe was buzzing with people, as usual.
I saw many people holding boxes of their famous plate sized cinnamon rolls coated with sugar. It is quite popular there. A cozy mom and pop breakfast place so close to home! Will definitely go back again to try something different.

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