Monday, July 12, 2010

Mediterranean Kitchen @ Kirkland

Sometime back I reviewed my favorite haunt in Bellevue here. This outlet in Kirkland is their casual/ fast-food joint. We go here very often for various reasons:
  1. The food is cheaper. No splitting cost.
  2. You get a salad with your entree in addition to the soup n pita. Of course, you have pay a $ more for Toum ( the garlic sauce) and the pita is not unlimited. Unless you are a regular and are pally with the manager ;-)
  3. There is a lot more variety in the menu. Shawarma wraps, sandwiches like Bathinjaan, Greek fries, et all.
  4. Of couse, it is closer to where I live.
That said, the Bellevue location is reserved for meeting with friends and other special occasions. We went to this fast food joint at noon on a Saturday. There were a couple of families happily tucking in the food and a few more people walking away with huge take out orders. We asked for the usual Veggie Shawarma Plate. The portions are as huge as what you get at their main location at Bellevue. For $10 (with tax and tip), we got a bowl of lentil soup, a small salad, a pita bread and a huge plate of Veggie Shawarma. Boy! Isn't that a steal?

Lentil soup and salad:

Here's a picture of the Veggie Shawarma - Red wine vinegar, spices and garlic, and is tossed with grilled onions, green onions, red cabbage and tomatoes, served with tahini sauce, on a bed of saffron rice.

And a picture of the restaurant -

We love this place and will visit n number of times in the future!

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