Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cafe Carmel @ Carmel

On the way to Big Sur, we stopped at this place for lunch in the beautiful town of Carmel. Carmel is like a story book town where different kinds of trees border the streets and the colourful flowers decorate the lovely houses.You will find tourists walking all over the town heading to cozy little cafes swarming with people having coffee or chatting over lunch or some even just starting the day with a nice scrumptious country breakfast.

We found Carmel Cafe on one such stroll and decided to have lunch there. It's like a typical bakery/deli where the menu is written up on the wall and all the baked goodies leer at you from behind the huge glass counters hoping fervently that they will soon move to a warmer home, aka your belly.

We settled for a grilled veggie burger - Veggie patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, house dressing served on ciabatta.

The burger was excellent. Crunchy ciabatta with the moist filling was very appetizing. And the dessert was an apricot pistachio something. It was not too sweet and was perfect.

A fantastic cafe for those days when you crave a sandwich/soup and the like.
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