Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Kati Roll Company @ New York City

Kati Roll Company is the first fast food chain to bring Kati Rolls to the United States. This joint serves up different kinds of Kati Rolls and fresh hot chai.They have three locations in NYC. I went to the in Midtown Manhattan. Decor is sparse. Did I mention that it is a fast food joint? There were tables in the front as well as a few at the back and Amitabh Bachchan's movie posters adorned the walls.

Kati Roll Company @ NYC
There is an open kitchen where one orders and the guys keep whipping up rolls after rolls.

 Kati Rolls are a type of Indian street food, originally from Calcutta. An Indian flat bread is rolled up with some kind of filling and the result is a Kati Roll. The filling is what makes these wraps interesting.

We tried the Unda Aloo Roll - Spicy potato roll with a layer of beaten egg. Delicious!

Kati Roll @ Kati Roll Company
and the Achari Paneer Roll - Grilled Indian cottage cheese cubes marinated in a spicy pickle. Awesooooome! This was my favorite and I went back for them a couple of times more in a span of three days! You can even choose the type of flat bread you want - the slightly thicker paratha or the lighter roti. I prefer the paratha. Wash your palette with hot cardamom chai. It makes a complete meal.

Each roll is $5.50 or 2 for $10! Not bad, huh? Oh, anything less than $10, pay by cash only. Service is usually fast, though at peak hours one should expect a long wait.
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