Thursday, June 28, 2012

Postcards Cafe @ Hanalei

Picture a quaint little cottage complete with candle lit tables, table linens, out door seating, a busy kitchen and a long line waiting and you have it! Postcards Cafe is a charming, picture-perfect, cozy restaurant in Hanalei in the north shore of Kauai. They have some outdoor seating too.

Postcards Café @  Hanalei 

This restaurant is sought after by one and all visiting or staying in the northshore and can get really crowded. They are open only for dinner and that explains the long lines.We got there at ten to six and were lucky to beat the crowd.

Inside Postcards Café
The menu is not very huge, but most of the dishes have vegan and gluten free options. We ordered the Hanalei Taro Fritter- Local taro, polenta-crusted, with pineapple ginger chutney to start with.
Taro is found in abundance in Kauai. One can find Taro chips, Taro bread, Taro fritters, Taro Ice Cream and what have you! The polenta essentially made it nice and crisp on the outside and the taro itself was soft and tender inside. The pineapple ginger chutney was a fantastic dip. It married well with the fritter. The spiciness of the ginger and sweet and sourness of the pineapple...ummmm I could have some now.

Taro Fritter @ Postcards Cafe
For the main course, A and I opted for The Sombrero - Luscious enchiladas! Corn tortillas layered with vegan jack cheese, veggies, spices and mole sauce, topped with a macadamia sauce and served with pinto beans. Sombrero in my dictionary would translate to fantastico, what?

The Sombrero @ Postcards Cafe
It was an open Enchilada with all the veggies, cheese, beans and sauces pile on top of corn tortillas. The different flavors blended very well. The eggplant had absorbed all the flavors and every bite was juicy and succulent.

The dessert menu was too tempting and we ordered the Postcards’ Famous Chocolate Silk  - With a crust of graham crackers, dried cherries and crushed cashews, this chocolate (tofu) pie has no butter or eggs. It is vegan!

Like someone said, Chocolate is God's food and it will taste heavenly in any form. We dug into it and polished the plate so clean to the extent of being embarrased. Sigh! That's what Chocolate does to me. No butter, no eggs. I could eat one every day.

The waiter was very attentive and courteous. He offered to wash the toys that my little one kept dropping on the floor. We asked him for some bread with macadamia nut butter. He brought over the last batch of leftover bread after a while, apologized for the same and gave it on the house. The fresh batch of bread was in the oven, apparently. A little steeply priced. Each entree is $19 - $31. But hey, we are talking fine dining in Kauai. And they use fresh, local and organic ingredients. So, there. The taste is exceptional. Don't miss this restaurant on your trip to Kauai!

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