Friday, June 29, 2012

Mermaid's Cafe @ Kapaa

It's official. This hole in the wall is a Wrap heaven. Or a Sandwich heaven. Oh alright, it is heaven indeed! I love these teeny tiny shacks that make humble efforts to serve up vegetarian/vegan foods.

Mermaid's Café
You order at the window, sit at a table (if you are lucky to get one) on the roadside, pay by cash only, pick up your food from the window and dig through it. You are free to BYOB. They even have high chairs for kids. Service can be a little casual and laid back, but hey, you are in Kauai! Just chill.

This is the kitchen where the wraps and sandwiches materialize.

The menu is on the wall.

We got the Tofu Satay Wrap - Tofu wrapped in tortilla with rice, peanut satay sauce, ginger soy sauce, and a light crunchy salad of mungbean sprouts, green onion and cilantro with a fresh squeeze of lime.

Tofu Satay Wrap @ Mermaid's Café

Mmmmmmmmmm yum.yum.yum! I probably had an O face while eating. You know, like on Food Network when someone tastes the food and go "Ooooooooh yeah! This is soooooo good!", it looks like they are faking it, but now I know. It was foodgasm. I could taste all the ingredients distinctly.

Then came the Focaccia Sandwich - Avocado served on a freshly baked focaccia with pesto aioli, tomato, cucumber, organic greens and red onions.
Very fresh and packed with flavors! The combination of the various ingredients and the sauces is like a match made in heaven. Couldn't go wrong! Must.Try.

Focaccia Sandwich @ Mermaid's Café
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