Tuesday, September 25, 2012

42nd Street Bistro @ Long Beach, WA

A cute Parisian bistro came to mind when we stepped into this warm and inviting cottage buzzing with waiters juggling plates of Beignets and mugs of Coffee. The food is gourmet and smack worthy. We got there at 10:00 am and were promptly seated at the only vacant table. The tables were closely placed, the cutlery fine, tablecloth linen and there were kites hanging above our heads.

All breakfasts are served with fried red potatoes and toast. They have quite a few vegetarian options.We picked the Greek Vegetarian Omelet - A three egg omelet folded over feta cheese with fresh Roma tomatoes and fresh basil. Coffee was ordered.

It was delicious. Basil, feta cheese and roma tomatoes are meant to be together.The potatoes were a little scanty and the whole plate is just enough for one person.

We saw the waiter waltz by with a plate of fried pastry adorned with powdered sugar that screamed "Eat me!" and so we ordered one too. Who can resist Beignets?  The New Orleans famed fritters with a hint of spice....yum. It came with a spread of cranberry, marrion berry and walnuts. If I could be like the French women who never get fat, I could eat one now.

While this place is a cafe during the day, it turns into a bistro at night, serving American dinners. The service was fast. I highly recommend eating at this restaurant when you are in the Peninsula. Yes, especially for their Beignets.

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