Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tropicos Breeze in Greenwood

Impromptu lunches sometimes turn out to be fingerlicking good. We were in the Greenwood area on Saturday when we decided to have lunch at Tropicos Breeze based on the reviews for their delicious pupusas. We couldn't find the menu online so we called to ensure they are vegetarian friendly.  And they so are! One bite and we realized that these people cook traditional Salvadorian food with great expertise and lots of love.

The decor is very plain. Very bright, lots of place to sit, TVs to watch and plenty of patio seating for the sunny days. They have lots of parking space in the rear.

The waitress was very friendly and was happy to accomodate out customizations. There are plenty of vegetarian appetizers that one can choose from. But, the only vegetarian entree is the Chili Relleno. Here's what we got

We started with the Maracuya, a passion fruit drink.  It was cool and refreshing.

Maracuya @ Tropicos Breeze

Jalapeno Cheese Pupusas -  Pupusa is a Salvadorian dish that is made of thick corn tortillas stuffed with different kinds of fillings. This one here came filled with Jalapeno and Cheese.

Jalapeno Cheese Pupusa @ Tropicos Breeze
It came with a Salad on the side that I was not very fond of. But the Pupusa was relished with hot sauce. Extremely delicious. I was trying these for the first time and I love these.

Pastelitos - Folded and fried corn tortilla filled with veggies! Wow! Very creative and so very yummy. I ignored the Salad on the side, yet again. Didn't look very appetizing.

Pastelitos @ Tropicos Breeze
Baliadas - Flour tortillas filled with beans, fresh cream cheese, avocado and eggs. Again, I was eating this for the first time and another winner. Absolutely loved stuffing.

Baliadas @ Tropicos Breeze
Platano Frito - Fried plaintain served with beans and cream. The plaintains were nice and sweet. Very moist and soft inside and crispy outside. Another delicious item on the menu.

Platano Frito @ Tropicos Breeze
The Pupusa was so good, we had to get another. This time Zucchini, Jalapeno and Cheese! It's not listed on the menu, but the waitress was happy to accomodate our creation. Needless to say, it was another big hit.

On the whole, a great place to try the most delicious Salvadorian food! The service was quick and the waitress very friendly. A must try in the Greenwood area!
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