Monday, July 2, 2012

Chinese Mirch @ New York City

After hunting for Indo-Chinese restaurants in NYC, we landed at Chinese Mirch. I love Indian food. Have been eating it all my life. I love Chinese food. I love the Indian - Chinese fusion as much as I love Chocolates. But do I love Chinese Mirch? No, not so much.

Like most Chinese restaurants in India, the decor was a mix of red and black with dimly lit interiors. It was the only restaurant in NYC where we could get a high chair for our little one! The service was quick and the waiters/waitresses were very friendly. They have two floors. The first floor was more informal. Okay, now, the food. We got a free Yelp check-in offer - Szechuan Bhel - the most popular Indian street food tossed in Chinese Szechuan sauce. Slightly sweet and tangy, it was an Indian Chinese version of Bhel Puri.

Schezuan Bhel
The waiter brought over the soy, samabl olek and the pickled chilis. We started with Crispy Okra - fried okra pods with smoky chilli seasoning. Came served like French fries, in a funnel shaped container. Crispy and crunchy, it lacked salt. But when had with the dip, it tasted a lot better. It was a little greasy. Did I mention it is fried?

Next came the Momos - Tibetan dumplings with vegetable filling. It comes steamed or fried. We asked for the steamed version. It was bland like it is supposed to be. When dipped in the soy sauce it tasted like, well, Momos. Good stuff!

We then got the Chilli Paneer dry - pressed indian cheese in a hot soy chili sauce, served dry or gravy and Chilli Garlic noodles. We really looked forward to the Chilli Paneer, the classic Indo-Chinese dish, but that turned out to be meh. Ginger, garlic, chilli, where art thou?  Disappointed.

The Chilli Garlic noodles was nice and spicy.

The portions were big. But, that's about it. I would try the other Indo-Chinese restaurants before coming back here. Just because they screwed up my Paneer.
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