Monday, July 2, 2012

Puka Dog and Papalani Gelato @ Poipu

I had to try this hot dog joint. Just because Bourdain had been there. With a beach umbrella and surf boards for décor, this little joint makes Hawaiian style hot dogs. Including the veggie dog.

 The concept is very straight forward. Select the dog, the level of spiciness and the relish.

We got the hot - hot veggie dog with the mango relish. The veggie sausage was much thinner and not as long as the meat sausage. So it felt like there was more of bread than the filling. They should start using the Tofurky sausage instead of the morning star links.

The only attractive part is the Island flavors. Otherwise, not so great for vegetarians. Of course, if they use Tofurky this place would be my instant favorite!

Puka Dog (Poipu Shopping Village) on Urbanspoon

Papalani Gelato
Right next door is Papalani Gelato. Hotdog and gelato would make a perfect meal. This little place is always over crowded. And as a result, the people at the counter are always edgy. Ask for a sample and she makes a face. Ask for a spoon and she sighs. Horrible service.

We walked away. not very happy,  with a scoop each of  mango, coconut and chocolate. Not again.

Papalani Gelato on Urbanspoon


marck said...


i am the owner of papalani gelato. We expect a much higher level of service from our staff than you described. I was wondering if you could emai me at and provide us with some additional information so we can work with our staff to make sure your experience is not repeated. We would appreciate the opportunity to address the service related problem.


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