Monday, July 23, 2012

Traveler's Thali House @ Seattle

Sometimes it's Bastoncini Noisette.....other times it is a nice big Thali laden with ramekins containing various colorful, delectable dishes to feel all's well with the world. Thali is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and the contents vary from region to region. The most popular is the unlimited Rajasthani Thali at Rajadhani.

When words reached my ears about this Vegetarian Thali place atop Beacon Hill, a trip to the south side of the town was mandatory. We trekked up the hill to the purple house that houses the restaurant only to see it closed. It's noon, isn't it? Darn! The wait staff was courteous in letting us in while the kitchen was still being set up. The floor had food strewn hither tither. The table was worthy of a wipe. The high chair was dirty. Obviously, they had just opened and were yet to clean the place. I wanted to make an about turn and head out. The wait staff was cool about the mess and cleared it all as though it was a no biggie.

Okay, to the food.

We ordered a Deluxe Thali ($20). They have Thalis in different sizes. The contents are a pre-fixe, though. The Thali menu changes once a month. With the Deluxe comes a Soda / Chai. A ordered Soda. Water was all I wanted, but again, the waiter brought me a complimentary Chai to cheer me up. May be he knew I was a little grumpy with the messy surroundings.

While we waited for the food, we looked around. It was a bright day and they were laying tables out on the lawn. One side of the cafe was for selling tea bags, basmati rice, incense sticks, cook books et al. Somehow, the place screamed Dalai Lama. All I needed was my yoga mat and a "Om Om" music in the background to get me started with my meditation. We decided to pacify the rumbling stomach with a plate of Samosa. Served with a mint chutney and a sweet chutney, they were uber delicious.

The Thali catwalked to the table at about the same time. With it came papad and roti / naan.

While the contents of the Thali were fantastic, the roti / naan wasn't very fresh. For one, they are not made in house. They are frozen and heated up upon order. So, it kinda lacks the fresh Tandoor taste. The aloo gobi, malai kofta and daal were out of this world. Very homey food. The kind that will never bother your stomach how much ever you eat! Here's a picture of the menu that describes the Thali -

Then came the dessert - Saffron Kheer and a couple of milk sweets.

Oh, did I mention that it is an all vegetarian place? If you are in the area, this is a must - try! Just for the amazing Thali!


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