Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garlic Crush

Garlic Crush is an affordable joint that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. I am a huge fan of Mediterranean Kitchen. I have not come across any other restaurant that is better or atleast on par with Med Kitchen. I got this B1G1 coupon for Garlic Crush from Entertainment Book and decided to give it a try. It was different yet nice in its own way.

First of all this is more of a take out place. A great place to grab a quick lunch/dinner. There are about 8 tables and an open kitchen. The food was great. The portions were generous. We ordered the Mezze plate and the Falafel plate. The Mezze plate came with couple of pita bread, Hummus, Baba Ganouj, 2 Falafels, 2 Dolmathes and Tabouleh.

We had requested them to make it more garlicky and they gave us a side of extra garlic. The pita bread was big, not very thick, and layered. I have heard this is how an authentic Lebanese pita is and is the best pita I have had.

The Falafel plate came with 6 falafels of a decent size on a bed of lettuce, saffron rice and some hummus on the side. The saffron rice had a slight lemony taste and was tossed with brown colored vermicilli. We mixed the extra garlic with the rice and it tasted exactly like the one you get at Mediterranean Kitchen. And then we realised that an extra helping of garlic makes the food really flavorful.

I would have liked the plates to include tahini sauce and some tzatziki on the side. Each plate costs no more $10. And oh yes! Each plate comes with a side of soup or salad. We asked for the soup and it was really delicious.

 If you are in Bellevue Downtown and are craving for some Middle Eastern food and have time to just grab a quick bite, Garlic Crush is the place to go to.

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