Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Door

We were in Vancouver one weekend, for the Winter Olympics. While driving around looking for an interesting restaurant to lunch at, we found Red Door, a pan-Asian grill. The weather was rainy, making it perfect for some hot and spicy food.

Red Door is a unique place in that, the interiors and the ambience make it look like a $$$ restaurant, but in reality, it is just a $$ restaurant. Ha! Isn't that lovely? The walls were red and the tables black. The decor was bambooish and some Asian art pieces were hung on the walls. There was a bar and a closed outdoor seating area.

We had their special of the day for appetizer. I think it was called a veggie kabab. Basically, it was a piece of roti (I think, of Indonesian origin) that was folded and filled with an eggplant-onion-tomatoes sauted filling. There were 3 pieces of kebabs, that came with a side of raita (from India) and a Thai red curry. Thus, it was an Asian fusion dish and tasted great.

The other item we had was their Seven Flavor Tofu - Thai basil, lemon grass, 5 spice, hoi sin, chillies, garlic and ginger with roasted peanuts. It was awesome. Just thinking about it makes me drool.

The service was good too. We asked for our dish to be spicy and the waiter, apart from making the food spicy, was thoughtful to bring us three different hot sauces ranging from mild to real hot. Rice was extra, but we loved it anyway.

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