Friday, March 12, 2010

Georgetown Liquor Company

I heard about GLC from some collegues at work. They told me that the food there is one of a kind. I had never heard of Georgetown before. So, after a tiring day of tubing at Snoqualmie, we were voraciously hungry and headed to GLC for some scrumptious dinner, hoping that we will not be disappointed, and we were not!

The neighborhood was kind of abandoned on a Saturday night. The restaurant was more like a sports bar and had a very unpretentious decor. A few booths, a few wobbling tables, an old juke box, some video games and a small bar. I had second thoughts about the restaurant, and wondered how the food would be, when I sat on a chair and the table did a little dance. Eventually, we moved to a booth. But I am glad that the food was to die for. They have the best sandwiches on earth and all of them 100% vegetarian.

We ordered the Tycho - Garlic roasted portobello mushroom was juicy; together with the melted mozarella cheese, grilled red onions and roasted tomato aioli toasted on Ciabatta, it was ultimate. It came with soup/salad/chips n salsa. We chose the split pea soup. We also ordered the Wild Mushroom Tamales - Two housemade tamales filled with beer-simmered wild mushrooms, topped with housemade Spanish red sauce and queso fresco, served with Forbidden Rice, and housemade salsa and a house salad. Both the entrees were excellent! It was quite interesting to see a veggie tamale. The forbidden rice was perfectly cooked. And there was salad on the side too.

For the curious foodies, forbidden rice is a type of black rice that turns purple when cooked. And, it may have gotten its name because only emperors in ancient China were allowed to eat it, due to its rarity and high nutritional value.

Anyhoo, they have a lot more interesting entrees and we will go back for more. I love love love Tycho and I love love love GLC!

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