Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inchin's Bamboo Garden

Oh Boy! For the first time, I am not so enthused to write about the restaurant I ate at. Do I like Inchin's? No. Do I hate Inchin's ? No....
A's incorrigible craving took us to Inchin's Bamboo Garden, after what, more than a year? We reached there at about 8 pm. Can't call it a fine dining place, but it is a little on the expensive side. It was dark inside and Bollywood tmusic was playing in the back ground. The restaurant was quite packed, but we were seated immediately as it was just the two of us. We ordered their house special Veg Coins Manchurian (fried veg. dumplings in a mildly spiced soy garlic sauce cooked with fresh cilantro, celery, chilies, ginger & green onions)

and the Paneer in Szechwan sauce.

Now, the good things about Inchin's :
  • The service was good.
  • The waitress was quite attentive to our needs and checked on us often.
  • Most of them looked like they were regulars (Regulars, why do you like Inchin's so much?)
  • Both the entrees came with rice.
  • The helpings were huge. We boxed the leftovers for lunch today.
  • The Paneer dish was good. The fried Paneer was yum and there were other veggies too, like, mushrooms, bell peppers, egg plant, onions et al.
 The not so good things :

  • It took about 25 minutes for the food to come.
  • The veg coin by itself tasted good, but the sauce it was in was just okay. I could not get the flavor of ginger or garlic. All I could get was the spicyness.
  • Someone at a table near ours had ordered noodles. There was a lot of noodles in the huge bowl, but it looked a lil stale.
Now, the best part - They have interesting appetizers that are really good. We didn't order any this time around, but I recommend all of them! They used to have a happy hour and we loved it. I don't know if they still have one. If they do, I might go back for the delicious finger food, but not for lunch or dinner.
What about you ? Been there ? Like it?

PS - Inchin stands for Indo-Chinese :)

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