Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mediterranean Express @ Capitol Hill

What's up with us, we wonder. We eat middle eastern food as if we hail from Lebanon or someplace, where it is considered staple diet.Give us hummus, shawarma, dolma et al, day in and day out, and we would still ooh and aah, smack our lips and polish our plates. Seriously.....

A lovely day of endless walking along Alki Beach left us totally famished.We headed to....(where else, huh?) Mediterranean Express in Capitol Hill. Yes, another great middle eastern hide-out. This is a typical dine-in/take out joint, like Garlic Crush or the Mediterranean Kitchen at Kirkland.
You look at the menu on the wall, order what you want, scoop your soup/salad and cutlery and grab a table. The main course is served at your table by the cashier who is also the waitress and helps the cook in the kitchen.
They have 3 vegetarian platter options. All platters are served over Saffron rice, with Hummus, pita bread & soup or salad . We ordered the Vegetarian Combo platter (Hummus, Baba Ganouj, 3 Grape Leaves, 3 Falafels) and the Falafel platter (Ground Garbanzo Beans mixed with parsley, onions, garlic and spices, topped with tahini sauce.). We then took our bowls of soup and sat at a table.

Me: Ummmmmm the red lentil soup is... ummmmmm.... just too good. And this is a really big helping.
A: Where does it say "red lentil" ?
Me: (too busy slurping, gesture to the big white board where it says "Soup of the Day")

A is still not convinced that it is red lentil, since it's yellow in color.
A (to waitress) : What soup is this?
Waitress : Red lentil soup.
Me: Gah!

Then the waiter brought our platters.

Me: Oh! The saffron rice tastes just like the one at Med Kitchen.
A:  The pita bread is exactly what you get at Garlic Crush.

Me: Oh yes.....the same light and fluffy.
A: The falafel is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.....and...something's has mint in it!

Me: Oh really? (After taking a bite) Mmmmmm...yummy.
A: Hey, these grape leaves are also different....usually it is not my favorite, but this is the best I have had. Guess what, there is mint in this too!

Me: So what now? Med Express is to mint as Med Kitchen is to garlic?
A: (Giggersnort) Whatever, this is just excellent!

They catered to our requests for extra garlic and extra spice. But, they don't make any customizations. We asked if they could make a  Veggie Shawarma and she said no. But the food was great and each platter was not more than $8.99. Looks like they have B1G1 coupons in the Entertainment Book, as well.

So, Seattlites, if you're not in the mood to make the journey to Med Kitchen on the East Side, Med Express is a great place to head to for satisfying your cravings.

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sandy said...

yes, i love it as well! try their greek fries the next time. yum.

sandy said...

yes its a great place. check out their greek fries. yum!

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