Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dinner

We had some friends ( S & P) over for dinner last night. I wanted to cook Lebanese food for them. It was the first time I ever tried making it at home and they loved it.
Some pictures...
Baked Spanakopita (from COSTCO)

Hummous with whole wheat middle eastern flat bread..

Vegetarian Shawarma with saffron rice for the main course. I stir fried red cabbage, onions, green onions and tomatoes, together with the marinade of the Lebanese 7 traditional spices, until they were nice and juicy. I then drizzled some generous helpings of homemade Toum (garlic sauce) and added a scoop of homemade Hummous on the side. 

And then, we started playing 29. I was so engrossed in the game that I forgot to take pictures of the dessert :( .The dessert was Almond crusted Carrot Cake with dollops of Vanilla Mango Ice Cream.
It was a big hit!


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