Monday, April 5, 2010

Serious Pie Pizza @ Seattle

I am not a big fan of Pizza, unless it is some seriously good Pizza. Something that is thin crusted, light and fluffy, lightly drizzled with cheese, some simple yet amazing toppings and the edges slightly browned and crispy. In short, I love Serious Pie Pizza. They are not the best I have had, but they are one of a kind. They have a very unique style and no one makes it like them.

It is the first Tom Douglas restaurant I have been to. Upon surfing the net, we found that the Pizza were quite pricey and the reviews were extreme. Either people loved it or they hated it. So, we decided to try this joint for their Happy Hour, where you get the mini $5 Pizza. An interesting observation - Almost everyone was there only for the Pizza. Thought it was the Happy Hour, no one seemed to have ordered a lager or something. Just water and lots of Pizza.
The restuarant itself is small and cozy and the seating, communal. Very European. It reminded us of the sidewalk cafes in Lucern. The waiting area is small and the wait time is quite long. But since we were just the two of us, we were able to get a table in 15 minutes.

The food was quick to arrive as well. The shape and texture of the Pizza is more like a Naan. It is cooked in the huge wood fired oven.

We ordered the Buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato and totally loved it. That was the best of the three that we ordered. Each Pizza was cut into 6 bite sized pieces.It was such a simple topping - tomato sauce, basil and mozarella cheese, yet, so unique and flavorful. The best thing is that these Pizza look so heavy, but are as light as a Tofutti :)

Next was the Yukon gold potato, rosemary, pecorinoPotatoes were an interesting topping for a Pizza and some of the Potatoes were crispy like Potato Chips and the some of them were like mashed and cooked. The Pecorino Cheese complemented the potatoes and the rosemary. Ummm... haven't had anything like that before.

And the third was the Chanterelles mushrooms, truffle cheese. The Mushrooms tasted fantastic and the melting truffle cheese made it a little rich.

All three were excellent. Usually we feel really stuffed after eating a couple of slices, but these were so light that I could have easily packed in 4 more of them :)

Though the restaurant was packed, and it was just the Happy Hour, the service was great. The waiter asked us if we would like some freshly ground red pepper and checked on us quite a few times. He was easy to get hold of, whenever we needed something.

Serious Pie, I seriously love you!

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NMOS said...

Woohoo! Found another Seattle food-blogger! I've been meaning to try out Serious Pie (I drive by it so often) but haven't gotten to it just yet. I'll let you know how it goes. I hear great things about that place. I like Bambinos right down the street on 4th & Cedar. Nice blog!

Kiki said...

@NMOS - Thanks :). You should try Serious Pie. Haven't been to Bambinos, though. Have heard great reviews about Proletariat.

kendra said...

Tried Serious Pie Pizza the other night after a few recommendations and was very impressed! I've been looking at reviews for them and we finally gave it a go...not too shabby at all :) We are big pizza fans and typically go with Pagliacci, Padrino's and Eastlake Romio's, but I have a feeling that Serious Pie will be added to our list of favorite pizza joints in Seattle :)

Kiki said...

@Kendra - Ummmm Seious Pie is seriously great, isn't it? Haven't heard of Padrino's...will chck that out sometime :) Thanks for stopping by!

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