Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dahlia Bakery @ Seattle

"What's for dessert, hon?", asked A. We were driving around Belltown, after lunching at Seven Stars Pepper Schezuan, when we spotted this tiny, cozy gourmet bakery. A immediately turned the indicator on, and swung across three lanes to get to the curb (thank God there was no one behind us!).

Freshly baked bread, coconut cream pie, sandwiches, soups, salads and tons of other European desserts are a speciality here. They bake the said goods in small batches everyday. So, it is always fresh. And all of it was 50% off!!

We splurged on the European delicacies. We got one each of the Pain au chocolate, Fig Bar, Sticky Pecan Bun and the Monkey bread with Caramel Sauce. We got them to go. As we walked out of this sweet heaven, I told A that we should stop by here everytime we are Downtown.

So far, we have just tried the Monkey Bread. Awesome! The crust was crunchy and it had a cinnamony flavor.The rest of them have been sealed in air tight containers and will be consumed over the next one week. And yes, we have to add an hour more to our gym schedules.....sigh....the temptation!

Pain au Chocolate

Monkey Bread

Fig Bar & Sticky Pecan Bun

All these yummy goodies just came to $6.29 ! A sweet deal, I punned.

Update (4/19) - The fig bar was fantastic. The crust was buttery and the fig filling was not too sweet. This one definitely gets a thumbs up!

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Anonymous said...

I made Monkey Bread for the first time yesterday. I never knew they actually sold it in a bakery.

Kiki said...

Oh! It was awesome. Have never heard of it before. How did you make it?

Anonymous said...

I'll have to post it. I have to load pics into computer.

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