Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mongolian Grill @ Canyon Park

It was one of those days when we invite our friends over for dinner and are in no mood to cook lunch as well. We wanted to grab a quick, hot lunch, somewhere nearby. That's when we muttered our,

"I wish Spicy Talk or Szheuan Chef was just around the corner...."
"Crappy Bothell.....nothing interesting in this place...."

et al. So grumbling, we headed to Mongolian Grill. This is a Build your own bowl cafe. You create your own stir-fry by chosing from an array of vegetables, meat, tofu, noodles, sauces and rice. You fill the bowl as much as you can and hand it over to the Chef, who stir fries it on the sizzling grill, right in front of you.

We used their BIGI 50% off coupon, that came printed at the back of our grocery bill at Fredmeyer. While it is more of a take out place, this restaurant is very clean and pleasant to eat-in as well. We picked all kinds of fresh veggies (and pineapples) and noodles from the food bar, topped it with ginger, garlic paste, green onion oil, and hot chilli oil, Tofu for protien, and brown rice (white rice on the other plate) as our side. The Chef was cooking meat on the grill, and when we chose Tofu, he said that he would clean the grill before cooking for us. And he even used different sticks to stir fry the veggies! Within 5 minutes the piping hot stir fry was placed in front of us. We picked the hot and spicy mongolian sauce, that was actually kind of sweet! But we added enough red chilli paste to make it spicy and garnished it with roasted peanuts.... It was so good.

After we gorged ourselves with the food, we packed the left overs

 and headed back home. One bowl costs $7.95 and it came to $11.95 for two plates with the said coupon. A definite bang for the buck. This will always be our first choice when we want to have lunch somewhere in our neighborhood.

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