Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seven Stars Pepper Schezuan @ Seattle

Another grey day in Seattle. Grey days call for hot and spicy food. We happened to be downtown, volunteering to cook food for the men and women's shelter. The plan was to go to International District at noon and lunch at this restaurant. Apparently, the words Pepper  and Schezuan, synonymous to Spicy, instigate delirious joy in both A & me.

We reached at around 11:45 am. Too early, I guess. There was just one other family. A nice bright restaurant with plenty of tables.

The waitress brought out Green Tea and the House Salad which had pickled cabbage, carrot and celery; tasted kinda like Kimchi. I am not a Kimchi fan and never touched it after the first bite. But, not too bad, says A.

 The green onion pancake was called for. Nicely stacked on a plate; it was very crispy and tasted excellent with the accompanying soy sauce.

We ordered the Deep fried tofu Schezuan style. The waitress asked for the spice level and we grinned and said, "7 stars". Sure, said the waitress. Throw in the peppers and chillies, said A. Very spicy, she repeated after us. I asked for brown rice, but she said they only have white rice. Okay, two bowls please, I said. The service was quick. The food came when we were half way through the appetizer. For 7 stars, the level of spice was like that of 4 stars at other restaurants. Not spicy at all.

Suddenly it seems like Schezuan restaurants are creeping up at every corner like ants trooping out of an anthill. This is not one of a kind, but, just another Schezuan cuisine. They don't have any interesting Vegetarian Hot Pots like what Schezuan Chef or Spiced have. I wonder what all the hype was about. Nice place to eat at, if you are in Seattle Downtown.

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