Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sublime @ Ft Lauderdale

We were in Florida for a week, exploring the atlantic coast, the gulf coast and Key West, and were enjoying the savor of the different cuisines. We were traveling the Bourdain way ;-). The very first evening we landed in Miami, we forayed to Sublime. We found this gem when we googled for vegetarian restaurants in Miami/Ft Lauderdale.

This restaurant has an amazing decor and the food is incredible! It is cholestrol-free, vegan and a fusion of everything you can find on earth!. The ingredients used are natural and organic! It all sums up to an upscale restaurant that stands out for its food and decor.

Talking about the decor, you will find cascading window waterfalls, skylights through which moonlight was streaming, Italian glass tiles, an open-hearth oven, and exotic trees reminiscent of a tropical rainforest.

The wait staff was quite knowledgable about the food and patiently answered our questions.The service was quick too.
We ordered the sublime ade to start with. It is a freshly squeezed lemonade. Very refreshing.

We were served a complimentary appetizer - pesto polenta. Basically, it was polenta marinated in pesto sauce, and the pesto was devoid of pine nuts.

We ordered the famous Frito Misto - crispy cauliflower tossed in sweet chili sauce, garnished with sesame seeds. It was outstanding!

For the main course, we got the Sublime Picattagardein cutlets, grilled asparagus, olive oil whipped potatoes and lemon caper sauce. The caper was sour and had a very interesting taste.Gardein is actually the "meat", a protein alternative made from transformed wheat and soy, floured and sauteed until a gentle crust forms, then combined with a well-balanced lemon caper sauce. It is something we have never had before and very outlandish!

And then for dessert, the Chocolate Nirvana - chocolate cake, Kahlua “butter creme”, dark chocolate ganache. It is dairy-free and I swear we would never have known the difference!

A: Can't believe this is vegan!
Me: I wish they gave the chocolate in a bowl, instead of making designs on the plate... Easier to lick it off, you know?

I was in heaven while drowning myself in every bite of this gorgeous looking dessert.

It came to $52 for the two of us with tax, but the experience was truly sublime. You can order anything of the menu and will never be disappointed. Nothing can ever go wrong at Sublime.

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Kaja said...

Looks unbelievable! Yum!

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