Monday, May 10, 2010

Better Than Sex @ Key West

Better? No, not at all. This restaurant is over hyped. Honestly, they have a catchy name and attractive descriptions for their desserts, but it is something else.

A and I went hunting for this restaurant, just because I had heard great things about this place and I wanted to eat Better Than Sex @ Better Than Sex.Wish I had known better!
This is a dark, cozy little restaurant. The place is so dark; they actually give a flash light along with the menu!

And the waiters/waitresses are dressed in black too. The decor is all red.

You get it, don't ya? Everything here screams "Romance, Romance and more Romance!" All good so far. There is even a man with a guitar singing songs of the 80s....or was it the 90s..? Oh! Whatever!

The waiter came over. Everything on the menu is fresh and made in house - except the ice cream - he said, with the widest grin I have even seen. We ordered Better Than Sex. $13.95. Splurging once in while is OK...we tell each other.(Except "once in  while" comes too often.). Never mind. We are in for a special treat, we thought.

We entertained ourselves with the "Couple Talk" game that was kept on our table. It had a bunch of cards laden with questions. You are supposed to ask each other questions (like, what are the 10 things you want to do after retirement and when do you want to retire? ooooooh and A said he wants to travel, open a restaurant, buy a vacation home on the beach on some lovely island, travel and travel....Did I mention travel??) and have one of those man to woman and vice versa conversations. Of course, it wouldn't be possible if you are thinking too much about the dessert, instead.

It was quite sometime before the dessert arrived. No wonder they subtly suggest playing a game, by leaving one on your table.

One look at it and we frown. One bite later, Crapola! Did we order Brownies??? Is this what it is? You know what it says on the menu -

"Deep, Dark, Chocolate, Penetrates big bold Bing cherries swimming in a menage a trois of choclates and baked dark dense almond bread and butter. A bread pudding that melts in your mouth."

They gave us brownies and called it bread pudding? And for this we were made to wait so long? Oh puhleez! I didn't pay $13.95 for a couple of brownies topped with a couple of strawberries. Truly, a disaster. Never again.

Don't waste your time and money going to this place. If you really have to go, don't order "Better Than Sex". Because, it really is not!!!

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Dani said...

Hi Kiki,

Wow, I am shocked and so sorry to hear of your dissappointment. I wish you would have said something to us while you were at the restaurant and given us the opportunity to make you happy. I am the owner (along with my husband) and baker. I take extreme pride in every item that i personally bake daily in our restaurant. The Better Than Sex is My Personal Favorite Dessert, which is whay it is the Signature... I can assure you it is definitely a bread pudding - the miracle of the dish is that it bakes into a cross between a cake/brownie meets bread pudding texture - Atypical for sure, the main reason I love it.
Again, I am so sorry you did not feel the same love and passion as we do for our desserts. I personally invite you to give us another try, please ask for me (Dani), as can be found in the kitchen every day and night and my husband (Len) who can be found running the restaurant floor every day as well. We pour our heart and souls into every aspect of this place, put in over 100 hours a week each, and want to do everything in our power to make sure every guest is happy.
Please visit us again,
Dani Johnson /Owner & Baker

Kiki said...

@ Dani - Thanks for the comment. I was not in the mood for brownies that night and there was no mention of "brownie meets bread pudding texture" on the menu. Otherwise I would have picked something else.

Anonymous said...

Note Taken, the menu WILL be changed to include those words.
Thank You! Dani

Kiki said...

Thank You!!!!

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