Friday, May 28, 2010

News Cafe @ South Beach

News Cafe in SoBe, is a cafe, bar and a newsstand, all in one. How cool is that? As cool as their fab outdoor seating, right on the sidewalk, under the shade of a huge tree. They have retained their ancientness and you will know it when you take a look at the tables and chairs. It has a very rugged and beachy feel.

This is a casual restaurant where you can have breakfast at 6 pm and dinner at 10 am. It is open 24 hours and offers full menu at all times :). It comes upon as a traditional restaurant that has been around for a hundred years and still serves great food and is frequented by many, both regulars and newbies like us.
After a long day at the beach, we hopped in for a quick bite, and returned later at night for dessert.

We split their hot sandwich - Grilled Portobello, Mozzarella, Tomato, Roasted Pepper on French Bread. We had a choice of Rice, Cajun Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Potato Salad, and we picked Sweet Potato Fries. The food arrived hot and yummy. Just right for a quick bite in the evening.

We eyed their desserts and they had a Chocolate Fondue for two with either Pastry or Fruits for $13.95. That's a good price for a Fondue for two, specially when the same costs a bomb at Melting Pot. Of course, the ambience is much better at MP, but on a casual day, who cares? So we trotted back for dessert at around 9 pm. There were still people around, enjoying the cool breeze and digging into a dessert or two.

The Fondue was called for and arrived at our table, bubbling and hot. The strawberries and banana taste so good when dipped in melted chocolate.

It was rich and fantastic. We were so stuffed and had to walk up and down the beach to digest it. News Cafe will be fondly remembered as "The place where I had Chocolate Fondue."


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