Monday, May 10, 2010

El Meson De Pepe @ Keywest

So we walk and walk  and walk....and finally reach Mallory Square in time for sunset. The sun sets at around 7:45 pm. That leaves us about an hour and a half more.Oh, we have time...the sun is still up, said A. What should we do, I asked. We were outside El Meson De Pepe, a cuban restaurant. The menus were displayed outside and we gave it a quick read. A few appetizers are veggie.....lets ask if they can make anything vegetarian, said A.

This restaurnt is in a red bricked building.

They have outdoor seating, as well as few tables across the restaurant under some shady trees.

And then the usual indoor seating

After a quick chat with the maître d’, we came to know that some of the dishes could be made vegetarian. Alright, we are here just for some finger food, we said. You can look at the Antojitos, she said. We picked Tostones - Refried, flattened green plantains and Yuca Hervida o Frita - Boiled or fried yucca with onion mojo sauce.

We were first served bread and some kind of crackers, with the regular salsa and salsa verde.

And then, the rest of the food came. The Plantains,

and the Yucca.

Both were excellent! For ye meat lovers, they do have a huge menu! We ate a few bites and boxed the rest. The service was excellent. The waiter always grinned and reassure us - No meat in anything! - he chuckled.
Another great find!

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