Friday, May 14, 2010

Kabobji @ Miami

Kabobji is a casual, dine-in or take out kind of restaurant, located in a strip mall in Sunny Isles Beach. They have interesting Lebanese and Turskish fair.

We ordered Jhallab - a drink made with dates, rose water and pine nuts floating on top and mint yogurt. Both were very refreshing for the Florida heat.

We ordered the Batata Harra (spicy potato) - Fried potatoes marinated in coriander, chili & garlic. It is a simple appetizer, yet, was very flavorful and fantastic.

For the main course, we asked for the Vegetable Ghallaba - Sautéed vegetables with herbs & spices. It comes with soup or salad and rice or fries.We got the red lentil soup and rice.

It also came with paper thin pita bread. The pita was quite similar to the Rumali roti that you get in India.

The Ghallaba is again something we don't get in Seattle. It is not spicy at all, yet brings out all the flavors of the spices and herbs. It is served on a bed of flavorful long grained rice or fries. We asked for rice.

Like at any other middle estern restaurant, we oohed and aahed at the food and polished our plates clean. It was strange though, that for the first time at a Middle Eastern restaurant, Toom (garlic sauce) or Hummus or Tahini, was not a part of the main course. Anyway, Kabobji, we love you ji!

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