Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mazza @ Miami

Before heading on the long drive to Siesta Key, we refueled ourselves by having lunch at this middle eastern luncheon. We went in just for a take-out, but scanning through the menu made us drool over some entrees that we typically don't get in Seattle.
The take-out order was nullified and Veggie Kabob was called for. Yes, you heard that right. There IS some place that serves Vegetarian Kabobs!
A quick word about the ambience and the service - this is a casual dining restaurant which has a very fine decor.

The waitress brought out the pita bread basket. Er....but, how do we eat it, exactly? There is no Toom (garlic sauce) on the side. What about soup? No, no soup or salad. OK. So we just look at the pita bread and wait for the main course to come.

Another thing - the waitress was goofy and very sloppy. She was on her cellphone all the time, with her back to us, at one corner of the restaurant, arranging some cutlery simultaneously. I am not sure if it was her fault or the kitchen's, she got us the wrong order. We had to tear our voice box and scream "Excuse me!!" atleast three times to get her attention. Is this veggie kabob? I don't see any veggies here....said A, politely.

Hmmmm.....I'll check that for you, was all she said. After some time she came back with what looked like Veggie Kabobs. Phew! There was Hummus and Rice mixed with me Vermicilli on the side.

The food was very flavorful and every morsel was consumed with increasing gusto. The price was also very reasonable. This plate was less than $10. On the whole, food wise, a real good find.

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