Sunday, May 9, 2010

Key Lime Pie Outlet @ Key West

Did you know that Key Lime pies originated in the Florida Keys? I didn't. Not until I visited the Keys.
Every where I looked around, there were shops selling Key Lime Pies. A few Key Lime Pie factories. That was when A pointed out they are named after the Keys!

We are not Key Lime Pie lovers, so bother to sample any. Then, there was this shop called Key Lime Pie Outlet run by Dave, which sold Cayman Island rum cakes.

We went in to take a look and bumped into this couple who said this shop has the best KLPs on the island.

Out of curiosity we got one too and were gobsmacked. A little too pricey at $5.95, but it had a carribean coconuty flavor and tasted fantastic. Dave was very chatty and helpful in suggesting places to dine at and even called the restuarant to make sure it was open, as it was quite late in the night.

And, you get a free coffee with it. That explains the $5.95 ;-). He insisted on eating it when it was still cold and offered to keep it in the refrigerator for us, if we planned to eat it a little later.

If you are visiting Key West, make sure to drop by for the best KLPs on the planet!


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